Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weird and a little Spooky

After my long absence on the blog I had planned to burst back onto the scene with a hilarious yet poignant piece on superpowers, but that will have to wait.

It will have to wait because today I had one of the most surprising, puzzling, and slightly creepy experiences I've had in a long time. I received a letter in the mail. It came from a couple who live across town. I do not know this couple. They do not know me. In fact they do not even know my first name.

The letter is written in beautiful penmanship in red felt ink on yellow lined paper. The message is minimalist. It reads as follows:

Hi, my name is [her name],
My husband [his name] and I would like to $buy$ your house at:
[my address]
Please call us at 555-555-5555

Do I want to sell my house? I don't know, I hadn't thought much about it. I like it just fine, but I have no special attachment to it. The thing is, I can't really understand why someone would want to buy it - I mean, want to buy it so much that they would contact me about selling it even though it's not currently for sale. There is nothing particularly special about my house. It's just a house. It is neither particularly stylish nor exceptionally well kept. The architecture could best be described as "generic 50's." It is not remarkable, really, in any way. Yet, here are two strangers who love it so much they looked me up in the reverse phone directory and wrote me a letter.

The whole thing is just weird, weird and a little spooky.

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  1. It may be that it is location that is important...or is it a bungalow all on one level? maybe they have an elderly parent who needs a house without steps? I have a friend who bought a house this way actually :-)